About Us

The Humanist Association of Middle Tennessee (HAMTN)

We are a group of dedicated humanists and secularists who intend to provide a way to change the status quo.  It involves learning what being a human is besides being an economic slave in a system which deifies money and encourages greed.  HAMTN is an educational, philosophical, action based and supportive organization.

We want an environmentally sustainable, economically equitable and just society which allows each person to develop into their maximum potential without the impediments of organized religion.

The primary goal of this webpage is to get humanists connected to each other economically, educationally, socially, philosophically to develop a more meaningful life.  We are attempting to create a bottom up organization as contrasted with a top down organization.  This means we will listen to you and want you to converse with other members.  With all of us working together some novel and original ideas will emerge to confront our future.

The only requirement for membership is interest in the principles of Humanism and participating.

We meet biweekly 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville (http://www.cslnashville.org/) at 6705 Charlotte’s Pike, 37209 Nashville.