About Us

The Humanist Association of Middle Tennessee

The Inner Circle is an initiative of The Humanist Association of Middle Tennessee (HAMT).

We are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee but serve the Worldwide Web. Nashville has become more cosmopolitan in recent years.

We are a group of dedicated humanists and secularists who intend to provide a way to change the status quo. This involves allowing you to be a part of the organization and not just a supporter. It involves developing ways to fund progressive enterprises while not supporting the Wall Street casinos. It involves learning what being a human is besides being an economic slave in a system which deifies money.

We want an environmentally sustainable, economically equitable and just society which allows each person to develop into their maximum potential without the impediments of organized religion.

HAMT is an educational and philosophical organization.

The primary goal of this webpage is to get humanists connected.  We are attempting to create a bottom up organization as contrasted with a top down organization. This means we will listen to you and allow you to converse with other members. With all of us working together some novel and original ideas should emerge. Developing a humanist community can be the most important thing we can accomplish.

Another main goal is to educate the general public about the ethics and values of Humanism by being a positive influence in the community. We do this through our meetings and lectures (free to the public); community service, such as our support of Tabor Children’s Services, Inc. and the work they do for youth; networking encouraging debates and humanistic activities, and continuing our efforts through letter-writing, dialogue and other educational means to maintain the Jeffersonian “wall of separation” between church and state.

OUR MEMBERSHIP is drawn from a cross section of the Middle Tennessee area. Members range in age from early 20s to 80+, with backgrounds from many professions and walks of life. The only requirement for membership is interest in the principles of Humanism. Participation can be limited to simply attending meetings, or becoming actively involved in projects.

ACTIVITIES throughout the year include networking and socializing with other Humanist groups; reading and discussing Humanistically-themed books; observing celebrations such as Darwin Day and HumanLight, and viewing Humanistic movies.