25 July 2017 —- Tuesday

Short course for humanism.

This is a short essay for those who would like to understand what humanism is all about.  It is for those who have short attention spans and don’t like to read a lot.

The first thing is that it is not about “I don’t want to go to church” or any non belief system.

We believe in the scientific method and critical thinking. With those methodologies we (collectively) have discovered:

The universe is very large. And it is very old. As far as anyone can tell there is no purpose to any of it.

We are carbon based life forms. Our genetics guide us in wanting to survive and reproduce.

None of us decided we wanted to be born. We will all die. How we spend the time in between is only partially open to control. Our society imprints a lot of our actions.

With all that said, (to use a current catch phrase) it would be helpful to have the following mind set:

Parents and villages raise us, they feed, clothe, and educate us. We owe them a debt.

We are not separate individuals. We are social creatures. Our needs go beyond simple food, clothes, and shelter. We aspire to fulfill our total potential.

In order to survive we must change our economic system and out ideology to include full awareness of our total dependency on the environment.

That, in less that 250 words, is humanism is all about.

The implications are truly revolutionary for the status quo.

For those who desire more detailed expositions there is a reading list in which can be downloaded from this web site.

Bill Conte